Marrybrown Family Restaurant - Fast Food Restaurant Franchise

The countries largest home grown fast food chain.

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    Total Investment: Rs. 5,000,000 - Rs, 7,500,000
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Founded in 1981, Marrybrown international fast food chain was established in Malaysia. The overwhelming popularity of its brand and products have contributed in making it the countries largest home grown fast food chain. The company, restaurant managers and franchisees operate more than 120 MarryBrown restaurants in Malaysia, China, Breunei, Singapore, India, Srilanka and Middle east. These restaurants employ more than 2000 people. Marry Brown is byword to the malaysians.

In homes, offices, school grounds and everywhere it has captured the hearts of everyone from a small child to his grandparents.

Established in 1999 Marrybrown in India has expanded into a network of 12 restaurants in Chennai, Salem, Coimbatore, Bangalore & Hyderabad.

What we offer

  • Established image
  • All information, systems and infrastructure necessary for franchise startup
  • Proven system/knowhow
  • Comprehensive training programme
  • All corporate image standards
  • Initiates new releases, ongoing PR Programmes, advertising, promotion and marketing
  • Research and development for regular quality updates
  • The business format and continually sourcing/developing and standardising the systems
  • Innovative menu
  • Ongoing operations and management support
  • Regular visits for business review and communication
What will franchisee invest ?

A Marrybrown restaurant should approximately be of 2000-3000Sq.Ft area. It should serve between 100 and 150 people. Total investment is approximately Rs. 5,000,000 - Rs, 7,500,000 based on the factors such as physial size and current condition of the premises and the area. We can also consider 600-1200 Sq. Ft. of area.

Required Capital -Rs. 5,000,000 - Rs, 7,500,000
Infrastructure - Approx. 2000-3000Sq.Ft

Restaurants  - 120 (Globally)

Started - 1981, (India - 1999)
Location - Nationwide
Marry Brown has the existing infrastructure, manpower, experience and expertise in managing fast food restuarants of international standards.

Marry Brown has reached a benchmark with the food quality specification, equipment, technology, marketing and training programme and operation system. With a company as innovative and dynamic as Marry Brown the world of opportunities opens.



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