Cambridge Montessori Preschool and Day Care - Pre-school Franchise

This is when their minds are like sponges, and they learn everything that will shape their intelligence for the future.



CAMBRIDGE MONTESSORI PRESCHOOL & DAY CARE is looking for franchisees to come in and ride a wave of success nationwide.

Cambridge Montessori Preschool and Day Care ( CMPS ) uses the Montessori Method of learning that has been going for over 100 years. Its focus is on encouraging children through respect, autonomy and freedom within limits to help them grow through the most critical period of their lives: 0-6 years old. This is when their minds are like sponges, and they learn everything that will shape their intelligence for the future. Montessori pupils gain confidence, independence and the ability to make their own lives a success.

In short, Montessori education is about bringing excellence to early life education. As per CMPS, independent learning, creative development and excellent communications skills are the basic needs for students to develop in this competitive world. CMPS aims to provide all this to international standards.

By becoming a CMPS franchisee, you will have the chance at a profitable career and gain the rewarding satisfaction of helping children grow and learn in a fun way to realise their fullest potential.


India is a vast country with approximately 85% of the market still in an unorganised sector. Parents today demand value for their money. Our innovative and scientific way of teaching in a specifically designed learning environment is the best way forward. For children to compete in the modern world, we have adopted what many see as the best teaching methodology.

By becoming a CMPS franchisee, you are giving yourself and the children who attend your preschool and day care the best chance of finding success and happiness.

With low investments and strong returns, this is a fantastic opportunity to build up a business for yourself and know you are making a real contribution to the next generation.

The USPs of the brand are its child-centric curriculum on par with the best in the world and the international standard of Montessori education, supported by Montessori experts' international council. We at CMPS see ourselves as part of a larger community and authentic connections to the community that are a vital part of the school's educational philosophy. Our preschool offers all pupils a full-day program of a quality not found in most educational establishments.


Using the Montessori Method, which has been around for over a century, gives children a way not just to learn but also to flourish. Creating an ideal environment for them in the first six years of their lives offers children the first steps towards finding their fullest potential to grow into strong, independent, confident, intelligent individuals – what could be better than that?


  • We focus on 100% management on all our running preschools.
  • Low investment with 40-50% ROI.
  • High profit and reputation.
  • No Royalty Kit based pricing. Ten years tenure (extendable).
  • Experienced management team.
  • A focus on recruitment of the best talent and offer full teacher training.
  • Expert support for academic excellence, security, feedback and accounting.
  • CMPS has a positive work environment.
  • Support provided: Technical surveillance of school and live streaming, App-based teacher-parent engagement, Mind [email protected] Fun Zone, International standard day care program. Montessori Teacher training program. End-to-end school setup support by the operation team. Strong Research & Training support.
  • Training manuals for franchisees.
  • Full technical support & guidance from Head Office from day one of opening.


  • Training manuals for franchisees: Yes
  • Initial training location: Head Office
  • Is on ground assistance available for franchisee?: Yes
  • Guidance from Head Office in opening the franchise: Yes
  • Technical support to the franchises: Yes

CMPS means you can be your own boss whilst having the full support of a company that helps more and more children across India – and around the world – grow into the best adults they can be.


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