Chhabra 555 - Fashion Products Franchise

The best name known all-over India for high quality fashion products at the most reasonable prices.

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  • Finance requirements
    Franchise Fee: No franchisee fee is charged
    Total Investment: Rs. 10,000,000 MRP
    Minimum Investment: $10,000
  • Available areas
    All India & Abroad

The Chhabra 555 franchise is the name known all-over India for its high quality fashion products at the most reasonable prices.

Established 50 years ago by Shri Krishan Lal Chhabra the small Saree Shop - Chhabra Triple Five Fashion Pvt. Ltd has grown today as Indias top wholesalers for Handloom Sarees with the Wholesale, Retail & Export Departments in Chandni Chowk.

We follow the tradition of providing the products at most reasonable prices to our customers by selling the products in the retail showroom at the same fixed wholesale prices, which no one else can offer in market. This secures our market share and keeps the customers committed to our brand!

The ambience of the showroom is designed to reflect the values of Chhabra 555 as a brand. Our aggressive advertising has built our brand identity and has reinforced the effect of the brand image. And going forward, we are pledged to this objective.

We have our presence in Delhi and NCR in the areas like Chandni Chowk - Khatra Ashrafi, South Ex - Part 1, Noida - Sector 18, Rani Bagh - Main Bazaar, Faridabada- Crown Plaza, Rajouri Garden - Main Market, Sahibabad - Pacific Mall & Ghaziabad - Shipra Mall and have a very aggressive expansion plan across India and worldwide as well. We take this opportunity of inviting a business partner who commits to get involved in the business than just the invest.
USP: No franchisee fee is charged
Investment Required: Rs. 10,000,000 MRP.
Area & Investment:  2000 sq ft area space the investment is of Rs. 4,000,000 against the stock of Rs. 10,000,000.
Interiors:  This would be done by the Franchisee, however the layout will be given by the us.
Target Cities: All India & Abroad
Location Specification: High footfall areas



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